Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pipeline Field Joint Thermal Insulation

The Deep Sea Sleeve®(DSS) field joint insulation system is comprised of either a polypropylene or polyethylene geomembrane expendable outer cladding (the DSS®) and a solid polyurethane filler (Densiflex®) which provides thermal insulation. The DSS® forms the annulus for injection of the Densiflex® and is circumferentially welded onto the parent PP coating. This unique feature serves to seal the interface between the parent PP coating and Densiflex®. Other systems applied by reusable molds depend solely on the adhesion of the insulation material to the PP to prevent water intrusion and loss of thermal properties. While Densiflex® has excellent adhesion properties with PP, the Deep Sea Sleeve® provides additional assurance that water ingress/egress will be eliminated.
Prior to installing the Deep Sea Sleeve® system, it is recommended a suitable corrosion protection coating be applied to the girth weld. Several "off the shelf" heat shrink sleeves have proved to exhibit excellent adhesion to polypropylene, polyethylene, as well as to Densiflex®. FBE coating is also perfectly suitable.

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