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EPOCH 1000

Advanced Ultrasonic with Phased Array Imaging
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EPOCH 1000 Series
The EPOCH 1000 Series Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors combines the highest level of performance for conventional portable flaw detection with the power of phased array imaging. The EPOCH 1000, 1000iR and 1000i feature a new horizontal case style with full VGA display, knob and navigation arrows for parameter adjustment, and full EN12668‑1 compliance. The advanced conventional ultrasonic functionality of the EPOCH 1000 series is augmented in the EPOCH 1000i with phased array imaging capabilities.
Key Features
Available with Phased Array Imaging Package
EN12668-1 compliant
Over 30 digital receiver filter selections
6 kHz pulse repetition rate for high speed scanning
Automatic phased array probe recognition
Intuitive wedge delay and sensitivity calibration for all focal laws
Programmable analog/alarm outputs
IP66 environmental rating for harsh environments
Horizontal design with navigation panel and knob parameter adjustment
Digital high dynamic range receiver
Full VGA sunlight readable display
ClearWave™ Visual Enhancement Package for conventional A-scan interpretation
Reference and measurement cursors
Standard dynamic DAC/TVG
Standard onboard DGS/AVG

Three instrument configuration levels to suit many inspection needs.
EPOCH 1000 Advanced UT
The EPOCH 1000 is an advanced conventional ultrasonic flaw detector that can be upgraded with phased array imaging at an authorized Olympus service center.
EPOCH 1000iR Advanced UT + Phased Array Ready
The EPOCH 1000iR provides the same ultrasonic flaw detection capabilities as the EPOCH 1000 with the benefit of upgrading to phased array with simple field-remote activation.
EPOCH 1000i Advanced UT + Phased Array Built-in
The EPOCH 1000i comes standard with the same advanced ultrasonic flaw detection capabilities as the EPOCH 1000 as well as with the benefits of a built-in phased array imaging package.
Advanced Ultrasound, Upgradable to Phased Array
The EPOCH 1000, EPOCH 1000iR, and EPOCH 1000i provide advanced conventional ultrasound capabilities for both the standard and advanced level inspector. These portable instruments can also be integrated into small systems for high speed scanning and single channel imaging. They come standard with a host of high performance features, including a 6 kHz maximum Pulse Rate Frequency (PRF) with single-shot measurements for accurate high speed scanning applications, tunable square wave pulser with PerfectSquare™ technology, and comprehensive digital filter sets for exceptional signal-to-noise clarity.
Standard Features
Dynamic DAC/TVG, including ASME, ASME-III, JIS, 20-80%, Custom, and TVG Table
Adjustable Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF): 5 Hz to 6 kHz
Single-shot measurements in all standard modes
Tunable Square Wave Pulser with PerfectSquare™ technology
Programmable analog and alarm outputs
Over 30 digital filter sets
Digital high dynamic range receiver
Software Features
Interface Gate - This optional third measurement gate allows real-time tracking of a variable interface echo to maintain consistent digital measurements.
AWS Welding Rating - This weld rating calculator provides a live AWS D1.1/D1.5 code compliant "D" value weld rating for gated flaw indications.
Onboard DGS/AVG - The DGS/AVG flaw sizing technique uses calculated attenuation curves to aid operators in sizing potential defects. A vast onboard library of characterized probes allows the operator to quickly and easily setup a DGS/AVG curve and perform precise flaw sizing.

EPOCH 1000 Clearwave™ Visual Enhancements
The EPOCH 1000 features a new and exciting set of visual enhancement capabilities to improve the quality and ease of detection in advanced applications.
SureView™ - feature based on the functionality of analog CRT displays allowing the inspector to visualize peak indications from reflectors even when the instrument range compresses these indication peaks beyond visual perception.
Composite A-scan - This feature displays all A-scans acquired in between screen update rates (multiple A-scans when PRF > 60 Hz) and overlays them together on the screen.
Max Amplitude - displays only the A-scan with the highest gated amplitude reading.
Min Thickness - displays only A-scans representing the minimum thickness reading.
Averaged A-scan - New functionality allows the inspector to view an average of acquired A-scans.
Persistence Mode - retains previously acquired A-scans on the instrument display for a predetermined amount of time.
Baseline Break - displays "zero-cross" points as lines connecting individual A-scan lobes to the baseline in full wave rectified mode.
Advanced Ultrasound with Phased Array Imaging Package
The EPOCH 1000 i provides powerful conventional ultrasonic and phased array flaw detection in a portable, rugged instrument. It allows increased probability of detection of flaws, better visualization of areas of interest and increases inspection efficiency by allowing a single setup to view A-scans at multiple angles (focal laws), eliminating the need for multiple probes and wedges. Users can still rely on the exceptional conventional performance of the EPOCH 1000 while gaining all the benefits from the phased array capabilities of the EPOCH 1000 i. The EPOCH 1000 i allows operators to perform code-compliant inspections according to conventional standards with the advantages of phased array to increase accuracy and efficiency. Available with a standard 16:16 configuration, the EPOCH 1000 i also includes many sizing features to aid in flaw inspections. The instrument comes standard with A-scan and S-scan reference and sizing cursors for flaw size evaluation. The EPOCH 1000 i also provides DAC/TVG capabilities for every focal law, allowing flaw characterization of a selected A-scan based on an acquired DAC curve.
Standard DAC/TVG for All Focal Laws
The EPOCH 1000i comes standard with DAC/TVG for all focal laws. This allows the user to acquire a DAC curve or create a TVG setup from known reflectors for all defined angles/focal laws at once. After completing this setup, the operator uses the S-scan image to detect potential defects at various focal laws. AWS Weld Rating
The EPOCH 1000i comes with an AWS D1.1/D1.5 weld rating calculator. In conjunction with Olympus' AWS rated phased array transducer, this allows the operator to use imaging capabilities for flaw detection, while sizing flaws at 45°, 60° and 70° with conventional A-scan technique, and also view the D value for weld rating on screen for any selected A-scan (focal law).
Dual A-scan and S-scan Views
The EPOCH 1000i features a familiar dual A-scan and S-scan view, showing the user an image representing A-scan data from all angles between two user-defined start and end values. Each individual angle, referred to in general as Focal Laws, can be selected to display a live A-scan. This allows an inspector to detect and characterize potential defects at multiple angles at a single time using phased array imaging.
EPOCH 1000i Multi-Angle
The EPOCH 1000i phased array mode includes a new feature called Multi-Angle. This feature allows the operator to designate any three angles, or focal laws, available in the sector scan as "visible" focal laws. The A-scans from each of the three designated angles are then overlaid on top of each other in the A-scan window, allowing the operator to view all three A-scans at the same time! Each individual angle is color coded for ease of use. This feature is perfect for inspectors using conventional sizing methods requiring evaluation at 45, 60 and 70 degrees!
Rugged. Portable. Meets the Demands of the Toughest Inspection Environments!
The EPOCH 1000 Series is designed to meet the IP66 environmental rating. Tested for shock, vibration, explosive atmosphere, and wide temperature range, these instruments can withstand operation in harsh inspection conditions. Some of the EPOCH 1000 Series' other key physical features include:
Large, full VGA (640x480) resolution color transflective display for optimum viewing in low or bright lighting conditions
Rugged rubber handle for easy carrying
Durable instrument-mounted D-rings for chest harness use
Front and rear stands for table-top or steep inclined viewing
USB Client and Host ports for PC communication, direct printing and communication with peripheral devices
VGA output for presentations, training, and remote instrument monitoring
Programmable analog outputs, alarm outputs, and RS-232 communication
Standard internal, rechargeable lithium ion battery
Data Management
GageView™ Pro - The EPOCH 1000 series is fully compatible with Olympus' standard portable instrument PC interface program, GageView Pro. Through the GageView Pro interface program, inspectors can download inspection data, review measurements on a PC, export measurements and calibration data to common spreadsheet programs, back up calibration and inspection data from the instrument, and perform basic operations such as instrument firmware upgrades and screen captures.
The EPOCH 1000 series has many available accessories to allow full functionality of various features.
VGA output cable (P/N: EPXT-C-VGA-6)
USB client cable (P/N: EP4P/C-USB-6)
RS-232 communications cable (P/N: EP1000-C-RS232-6)
Hardware I/O cable (analog/alarm outputs, RS-232 communication) (P/N: EP1000-C-HWIO-6)
Chest harness (P/N: EP4/CH)
External battery charger (P/N: EPXT-EC)
Extra battery (lithium-ion) (P/N: EPXT-BAT-L)
Detailed Specifications

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