Saturday, July 18, 2009

OmniScan MX PA


Phased array technology enables the generation of an ultrasonic beam where parameters such as angle, focal distance, and focal point size are controlled through software. Furthermore, this beam can be multiplexed over a large array. These capabilities open a series of new possibilities. For instance, it is possible to quickly vary the angle of the beam to scan a part without moving the probe itself. Phased arrays also allow replacing multiple probes and mechanical components. Inspecting a part with a variable-angle beam also maximizes detection regardless of the defect orientation, while optimizing signal-to-noise ratio. Benefits of Phased Arrays Phased array technology offers the following benefits: •Software control of beam angle, focal distance, and spot size •Multiple-angle inspection with a single, small, electronically-controlled multielement probe •Greater flexibility for the inspection of complex geometry •High-speed scans with no moving parts Learn more about the Olympus Omniscan at

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